Monday, November 11, 2019

How to Select a Perfect Banquet Hall?

The selection of banquet halls in Lonavala is the most important job while planning a destination wedding. Consider the budget, location of the property, catering, and fire-safety measure before finalizing the venue.

Are you planning a destination wedding shortly? Are you worried about the selection of the perfect venue for the celebration? If these are related to you, then you can consider banquet halls in Lonavala. Set amidst lush green hillocks these halls offer a mesmerizing view of the majestic Sahyadri Mountains. You can reach them with just a few hour’s drives from the metro cities- Mumbai and Pune. Have a look at some of the crucial features while booking the best banquets in Lonavala.

Define your Budget

It is a fact that the wedding is one of the most joyous and cherished moments in the life of couples. However, it is essential to define an estimated budget before going ahead with other preparations. While calculating the budget, including the pre-wedding festivities, cost for attire, jewelry, venue, catering, decoration, photography, flowers, and gifts. Take the lodging expenditure of guests as well into consideration.  Pre-setting the expenses will guide you in the selection of the best wedding planner and the destination for the celebration. Look for online offers while selecting the best banquet halls in Lonavala. In many cases, they offer attractive discounts for early birds.

Study the Location

After defining the budget, the next task is to evaluate the venues for the wedding. Remember, marriage does not only include the reception party; there are a host of rituals and celebrations going along with it. You need a perfect site offering enough space for sangeet, mehndi, wedding rituals, and vidaai. Along with this, the location should also have ample parking space, easily reachable from the principal roads of the city, and have enough accommodation facilities for visiting guests. 

Evaluate the Banquet Hall

The banquet hall is the most significant spot at the wedding venue. It is the place where you will conduct the main wedding ritual and host dinner for guests. The hall should have enough space for presenting separate counters for vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and continental delicacies. Many wedding planners also prefer hosting individual tables for salads and desserts. Besides, you need some additional space for musical arrangements and creating a dance floor. Consider your guest list while finalizing the banquet hall as in many cases you either end up in a crowded hall or with unutilized space without a precise guest list.

Safety Measures at the Banquet Hall

Always be prepared with adequate safety measures against fire, storm, and other natural calamities at the wedding venue. Banquets in Lonavala should remain equipped with fire-retarding sprays and water sprinkling system. Run a check on the hygiene and pest control measures followed at the venue, as you never want your guests ending up with an insect-borne infection of food poisoning.

These were some of the crucial features while selecting a perfect banquet hall.

Rhythm Lonavala near the Old Mumbai Pune Highway is the ideal place to host your wedding. They offer a spacious and hygienic banquet hall for conducting all rituals and celebrations to make weddings grand and memorable.  

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How to Select a Perfect Banquet Hall?

The selection of banquet halls in Lonavala is the most important job while planning a destination wedding. Consider the budget, location ...